DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.1.911

Quantum Wave Information of Life Revealed: An Algorithm for Electromagnetic Frequencies that Create Stability of Biological Order, With Implications for Brain Function and Consciousness

Hans J. H. Geesink, Dirk K.F. Meijer


We propose a hypothesis of a mathematical algorithm for coherent quantum frequencies that create stability of biological order. The concept is based on an extensive literature survey, comprising 175 articles from 1950 to 2015, dealing with effects of electromagnetic radiation on in vitro and in vivo life systems, indicating that typical discrete coherent frequencies of electromagnetic waves are able to stabilize cells, whereas others cause a clear destabilization. We find support for the hypothesis of H. Fröhlich, that a driven set of oscillators condenses in a broad energy range, may activate a vibrational mode in life organisms at room temperature. Taking into account the life sustaining frequencies, as extracted from literature, an algorithm of coherent frequencies of standing waves for the stability of biological order was inferred. Interestingly, we found that the origin of the particular biological algorithm can be mathematically approached by a selected ‘tempered Pythagorean scale’. The algorithm expresses one-dimensional wave equations known for vibrating strings and provides an answer to the question of Schrödinger: how to solve the 'problem of small numbers': the notion that life systems contain insufficient internal information to explain their integral life complexity. This particular algorithm has been verified with regard to various frequencies of electromagnetic waves, as applied in the above-mentioned independent biological studies, in addition to the registration of a range of 23 different measured quantum resonances emitted by a selected inorganic silicate mineral, that is able to catalyze oligomerization of RNA. The origin of the biological algorithm has been condensed in a mathematical expression, in which all frequencies approach only ratios of 1:2 and 2:3. Electromagnetic waves with discrete frequencies, described by this algorithm are able to stabilize and even improve the life quality of cells, whereas frequencies, exactly in between distinct frequencies of the algorithm, are able to destabilize or even disrupt cells. A selected silicate, known as a candidate catalyst for the promotion of RNA synthesis and as quantum replicator, fully complies with this algorithm. Silicate quantum replicators, potentially, may have been instrumental in the initiation of first life at the edge of pre-biotic biological evolution. Our model shows that, at the quantum scale, an underlying order may have been present, that was a prerequisite for the initiation of first life. Far infrared dynamics, reminiscent of coherent non-relativistic super fluids in 3+1-dimensions, might have played a role. Finally, we address the question how the identified electromagnetic fields can influence neural systems in general and human (self) consciousness in particular.


algorithm; preferred frequencies; coherence; biological systems; Bose-Einstein condensates; Fröhlich; silicate minerals; quantum replicators; quantum frequencies; quantum biology; quantum field

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